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Martinis, Great Sage and New Soles

Well, this was quite the eventful weekend…in a good way.  After the past few weeks it was really great to some fun things.  Friday night Kate brought me to one of her event/industry parties at Blackfinn in Bethesda, minutes from my office. Martinis and Makeovers featured $5 martinis (too bad I don’t drink), lots of tables feature everything from jewelery to breast implants, and giveaways every 20 min.  I was only one number off from winning botox, but alas my losing streak still hasn’t been broken.  But the night was hardly a bust because I bought a beautiful necklace and received this free, funky bracelet made from all recycled materials.

Artsy Fartsy by Susie D.

On Saturday I journeyd north into Maryland to meet up with a bunch of other bloggers. I met up with Lauren (who invited me – thanks!), Anne, AshleyKat, Sana, Matt, and Jacquie. We went to Great Sage in Clarksville and I had arguably one of the best salads ever!  All the other girls (and one guy!) had their cameras and took pictures of their food, but I guess I’m just not that with it because it never dawned on me to bring mine.  A BIG THANK YOU to Jacquie for taking a picture of my Mediterranean salad for me. Delicious.  It was great to meet everyone and to hear how successful they have been with their blogs.  It was a little inspiring me and I’m going to try to improve upon mine and make a better effort to keep it up.

Today I took yet another step to fixing my legs.  I feel like I’ve done absolutely everything correct in order to get rid of all these little problems so that I can run again.  I think that the doctor I went to on Thursday was in a bad mood.  He really wasn’t very helpful (told me that I was getting on the cusp of being too old to be a serious athlete – I’m 24!!!!!) So today I ventured down to my running shop, Georgetown Running Company in Chevy Chase, to get some inserts and re-evaluate my pronation diagnosis.  I’ve been told multiple times that I’m pretty much neutral and balanced.  Which I’ve always thought was weird because I’m hardly balanced (except on a horse) and I have shin issues that are usually associated with people who over pronate.  So when the doctor told me the other day that I over pronate I thought that might be my breakthrough and thats why I wasn’t getting better.  But after videotaping myself at the shop and watching my feet me, Pete and the salesman (who I run with in my group) all agreed that I don’t really over pronate at all and I am actually neutral.  Which I guess is good because I don’t need to get new shoes afterall.  Instead I got some inserts, which hopefully will work because they were pretty pricey. All in all, it was a very nice weekend and hopefully I’ll continue to do more fun things like it in the future.



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