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Smiley Cookie

So the Pittsburgh Marathon is a week from today, and there are a lot of reasons why I’m running: to compete with myself, body and mind; seek accomplishment for all of my mishaps – my sense of purging. It’ll also be a welcome for me to my new city (yes I finally said it. We’re moving to the ‘burgh!). But there’s another big reason: to get my Smiley cookie.

“Huh?” You must be thinking. Let me back up to last year when I ran the half in Pittsburgh. After a hard run I sometimes go into a runners daze. It’s almost as if I’m a little drunk. My mind gets cloudy and I don’t always think straight. Well last year, right after I came over the finish line I was handed the tinfoil-like wrap, water (I grabbed 2 cups – I was thirsty), then a banana, and then a Smiley cookie. If you’re familiar with Pittsburgh then I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the Smiley cookie. If you aren’t, well it’s really just a simple sugar cookie with a smiley face on it. But Pittsburgh takes their cookies seriously (just go to a Pittsburgh wedding and take a look at the cookie table).

Well as I’m walking along, with my hands and arms piling up with all these goodies, I’m beginning to realize that Pete and I planned so much about how to get to the race that we totally neglected coming up with a plan of where to meet up afterwards. My mind was trying to think of what to do, how to find him, what he was wearing, but the runner’s fog was taking over. Next thing I know I’ve come to the end of the line. I was met by a “green” booth operated by a very nice woman who said “Paper,” “Banana peels,” and “Trash” as she pointed to each garbage can designated to those items. I looked at her blankly. I was trying to keep the wrap over my shoulders while holding all of my items. I just stood there, trying to figure out my next move. She repeated herself, “Paper, bananas and trash go right here sweetie.” I can’t explain why I did what I did next. I truly can’t. I walked in front of the can designated for banana waste, leaned over, dropped my Smiley cookie in the bin and mumbled, “This is for the food”. Before she could give me a weird look (which I’m sure she did) I quickly walked off.

I wandered around for a little while before a very nice police officer approached me and asked if I wanted to use her cell phone to call my family. Thankfully Pete answered, and we were finally able to rendezvous. Pete gave me a big hug and a big “Congratulations”. I mumbled that I threw away my Smiley cookie. “Huh?” he said. I had to repeat myself a few times before he recognized the funk I was in. And then he laughed. Of course. We went to Eat ‘N Park up in North Park after the race, and Pete offered to buy me a Smiley cookie. But I felt like I couldn’t accept. Like I really needed to earn another one.

Pete said to me a few weeks ago, “You know, if someone in Pittsburgh wants a Smiley cookie they can usually just go down the street and get one for $1.25. Only you would pay a $65 entry fee to a race, spend six months of your life training in the rain and snow, and then wake up at 5am to run a crazy distance just to get a cookie. You’re really special, Ror.” That I am!



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Martinis, Great Sage and New Soles

Well, this was quite the eventful weekend…in a good way.  After the past few weeks it was really great to some fun things.  Friday night Kate brought me to one of her event/industry parties at Blackfinn in Bethesda, minutes from my office. Martinis and Makeovers featured $5 martinis (too bad I don’t drink), lots of tables feature everything from jewelery to breast implants, and giveaways every 20 min.  I was only one number off from winning botox, but alas my losing streak still hasn’t been broken.  But the night was hardly a bust because I bought a beautiful necklace and received this free, funky bracelet made from all recycled materials.

Artsy Fartsy by Susie D.

On Saturday I journeyd north into Maryland to meet up with a bunch of other bloggers. I met up with Lauren (who invited me – thanks!), Anne, AshleyKat, Sana, Matt, and Jacquie. We went to Great Sage in Clarksville and I had arguably one of the best salads ever!  All the other girls (and one guy!) had their cameras and took pictures of their food, but I guess I’m just not that with it because it never dawned on me to bring mine.  A BIG THANK YOU to Jacquie for taking a picture of my Mediterranean salad for me. Delicious.  It was great to meet everyone and to hear how successful they have been with their blogs.  It was a little inspiring me and I’m going to try to improve upon mine and make a better effort to keep it up.

Today I took yet another step to fixing my legs.  I feel like I’ve done absolutely everything correct in order to get rid of all these little problems so that I can run again.  I think that the doctor I went to on Thursday was in a bad mood.  He really wasn’t very helpful (told me that I was getting on the cusp of being too old to be a serious athlete – I’m 24!!!!!) So today I ventured down to my running shop, Georgetown Running Company in Chevy Chase, to get some inserts and re-evaluate my pronation diagnosis.  I’ve been told multiple times that I’m pretty much neutral and balanced.  Which I’ve always thought was weird because I’m hardly balanced (except on a horse) and I have shin issues that are usually associated with people who over pronate.  So when the doctor told me the other day that I over pronate I thought that might be my breakthrough and thats why I wasn’t getting better.  But after videotaping myself at the shop and watching my feet me, Pete and the salesman (who I run with in my group) all agreed that I don’t really over pronate at all and I am actually neutral.  Which I guess is good because I don’t need to get new shoes afterall.  Instead I got some inserts, which hopefully will work because they were pretty pricey. All in all, it was a very nice weekend and hopefully I’ll continue to do more fun things like it in the future.


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