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Shoes. OMG. Shoes

Got my race photos back! I’m beet red in them, but for the most part I don’t think I look as bad as I know I felt. Pete took a video of me finishing, and even in that I look like I’m a little tired but nothing out of the norm for someone who’s just run 13.1 miles. Except that I know I was in complete agony. Maybe my body knew I was being videotaped/photographed and instinctively pulled it together. If I figure out how to get the video posted here I will. I might have to ask Pete, which is ironic considering he’s totally not a tech person but I know he’s done it before for his blog, AStonesThrow09

Around mile 7 I think

Finish Line

I bought new shoes this weekend. Brooks Ghost 2. I had about 400 miles on my Asics Gel Nimbus 11’s, which I loved, but I decided after my race that it was time. I probably can still get a few more miles out of them – and I probably will. But after carrying around that extra weight in my feet from all the rain and puddles the week before, all I’ve been thinking about is getting my feet into something lighter. So I went to my running store, Georgetown Running Company in Chevy Chase and picked up these:

Brooks Ghost 2

I did a six-miler in them yesterday at Great Falls (C&O). I like the shoe. It’s a little different but not too much. I’m still using my Superfeet inserts. But my shins hurt. Both of them. Adding to my frustration was the general consensus at my running store that I do indeed have a neutral foot – no over or under pronation, and my arch is just fine. Which means that whatever is wrong with my shins can’t be easily blamed on the biomechanics of my feet and therefore can’t be that easily corrected. Ugh. I’m sure that part of it is because I’m in a different shoe so my feet have to get used to them. But that’s not enough of an excuse for me so I’ve decided it’s time to take a stronger course of action. On Wednesday I’m going in for a consultation to have Active Release Technique (A.R.T) used on my legs (is A.R.T. a verb or a noun? Can’t figure out how to use it exactly). I’ve done my research. I’ve already met the doctor. He’s already informed me it’ll be painful. I’ve already said, “fine, whatever. Just make the long-term pain stop”. I feel like I’ve been putting this off because I feel like it’s really my last stop. I don’t know how else to deal with my shin pain. Everyone seems stumped as to why it’s so bad with me and why it’s constant. I’m just hoping it really is just a ton of scar tissue that can be moved around. I’m ready. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. Hopefully it’s worth it.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Liam Kyle Sullivan’s video, Shoes, please do. It’s one of our favorites.


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My Birthday Eve Group Run


Partial Capital Crescent Trail Map

So last night I finally got around to doing something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile: join a group run.  I’ve never run with anyone before, except for Pete a little and also Fox but that doesn’t count, so I really didn’t know how I was going to like it.  And even though my legs are finally feeling better (one of the reasons I’ve waited so long to give this a try) there was definitely a little fear that something might give out and I’d have to drop out mid-run.  I’ll admit that I was also a little apprehensive about walking into a new social situation like that.

Twice a week the group meets up in Chevy Chase at the running store where I bought my current pair of Asics.  I was told that the group is a mix of all different paces, but walking in there last night it was pretty clear I was a bit in over my head.  You’ve got one conversation going about ultras, another about qualifying for Boston.  It was slightly intimidating but once we headed out the groups fell into place, and I was lucky to make some new friends and keep not only a nice pace but also a pleasant conversation.  We ran 6 miles (did I mention it was in the high 60’s – a beautiful November night in DC), mostly on the trail that I do my long runs on.  Except I couldn’t recognize a thing (except the tunnel of course) since it was pretty dark out there and I was the only one with a headlamp (and it had a dullintunnel light).  I was shocked at the amount of bikers that were out there.  I had no idea the trail was popular with bikers at night. 

All in all I’m so glad I went.  I may not be able to keep up with the main pack just yet, but I felt great at the pace we were running at (my estimate was that we were running around 9:00 most of the time, even though our time said slightly more – we did take a small detour and stop at a light here and there).  Most importantly my legs felt good. And I really enjoyed combining running and socializing as well. 

I think I’ve found my new Tuesday night activity.

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