Race Photos and Sunday Dinner

Race photos are never the best, but they’re fun nonetheless.  Runners World had a funny blog post about them a few months ago.  I’ll have to go back and try to find it.  Well Cherry Blossom photos are available, but it looks like they only captured one of me.  I could have sworn I saw that camera multiple times, especially at the end, but oh well.

I ran 12 miles yesterday.  That went well.  And directly before I went to an “Injury Prevention Clinic” which was really more like a free 5 min consultation/advertisment for a particular sports doctor/facility.  After going through everything that I do to control my shin pain, he told me “well it looks like you’re doing everything already.” Duh.  He did suggest Active Release Techniques (ART) which is something that I would possibly be interested in if I could pull together the money.  And I need to do more research first.  He was trying to tell me to start therapy now before Pittsburgh half in two weeks.  Yeah, probably not. 

I know this isn’t a foodie blog…trust me, it would be pretty boring if it was.  But I thought I’d share my dinner tonight because I was quite proud.  Fresh veggies + steak = kabobs! I was going to broil it but didn’t trust myself so I just stuck it in a pan instead.  It worked just fine.

Last thing: Good luck to everyone running in Boston tomorrow!!!


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