Move over running, it’s time to go curling

Maybe it’s a combination of being slightly injured but also my love for all things Olympics, I’ve developed a crush on a new sport/game: curling. Not only did I spend my weekend watching the game (and asking Pete what they were doing every 10 seconds), I actually got to partake in a little curling myself on Sunday. Our curling team originally began as 4, but unfortunately Pete was called to work at the last minute. Pete and I showed up to the Hilton Garden Inn for the USA Olympic Curling Expo around 1pm where there were four curling sheets set up. We were told it would be a 2.5 hour wait so we put our names on the list, called our friends Kate and Noah, and told them to be downtown in 2 hours – they’re sometimes a little late so we figured it was safer to say 2 😉 Of course it ended up to be only an hour and half wait and by that time Pete was gone, but my other team members/opponents had arrived in his place.

The Next Big Thing in Curling

Full and youth size stones

So, curling is awesome! It’s also really difficult, especially if you use a regulation size stone. Luckily for me and my scrawny arms I was allowed to use the junior stone. Because I had been watching the game on tv for all of two days I felt that I was qualified to be an expert and therefore looked down upon some of the other players who were throwing the stone incorrectly. Kate called me a purist. I thought that was a very nice term.

It turns out that I really wasn’t so bad. In fact, none of us were. With the “help” of our curling coach (who we later learned had never played the sport and just worked for the hotel) we were able to navigate our way on the ice (plastic) and if I’m correct we each won at least once. I wish we could have played longer because I was totally getting into the feel of things. But alas our turn was up and it was time to go home. But my curling weekend wasn’t over yet. Later that afternoon the US curling team played Great Britain. Having now tried it out for myself I can appreciate the game. Too bad I don’t think it will count for cross training.

Curling in DC


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