Hiking: Healing the soul and the soles

I’ve been a little absent lately. I know.  Things have been insanely busy.  And I’ve been stuck in a bit of runner’s limbo which doesn’t help.  This shin is really a pain (pun intended).  I’m doing everything right so I keep thinking it’ll go away.  Aside from running a few miles last Tuesday I’ve been swimming, cycling, and doing pilates.  Iceing is a constant part of my daily life.  I’m ready for this to be over with.

When things become a little overwhelming in my life I like to for a hike.  So that’s exactly what I did this weekend.  I believe that trail running is the absolute best transition from injury to road – at least for me.  I used to never understand how people could run on these trails and swore if I ever did I would trip and fall within 5 min.  And I have.  But you just brush yourself off and keep going.  Usually Fox and I run the trails at Great Falls, but we mostly walked this time.  He’s a weird dog.  He hates going on walks usually, and can’t stand sidewalks.  I usually have to drag him the 50 meters down the towpath to the trail entrance.  But the second he gets on a trail he lights up.  For a dog with bad legs and hip dysplasia he never ceases to amaze me with his scrambling abilities.  He refuses to walk upstairs to the bedroom but leaps over boulders.  Needless to say, we had a great hike on Saturday.  It’s always nice to get a little fresh air.


The Fox



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3 responses to “Hiking: Healing the soul and the soles

  1. What an adorable dog! It’s always nice to get out onto the trails and let the stresses of life vanish from your memory, even if it’s only temporary. Hope you make a full recovery from your injury — and quickly! 🙂

  2. Oh Wow-where is that? It looks beautiful! When I get better we should hike there. In the meantime-when things settle down for you we should still get together even just to hang out and complain about our painful body parts (that sounds weird but I think you know what I mean) I hope your legs get better!

    • Great Falls (maryland side)! I can’t believe you’ve never been there. it’s an awesome place to reflect, hike, and run. there are tons of trails and the majority of the public only knows 2 so it can be fun. and yes, i would love to just hang out. i’m desperate to get away from things right now and just have fun. so lets do that. i’ll try to touch base with you tomorrow through some sort of social media. lol


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