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Are we in Conn. or DC? This snow is confusing me…

So I know this isn’t about running or horses but this is DC/Md, and it never snows like this!  We ventured out once today in our car and saw lots of kids with sleds and one man out for his daily run.  I don’t know how he was doing it, but good for him.  As for me, I’m off to the gym to get on the stationary bike for an hour.  Maybe if the sidewalks get shoveled I’ll be out running in the snow tomorrow.



Me and Fox

Pete and Fox in front of our building. Lots of snow


Hope everyone stays warm and dry this weekend!  Running will resume soon…


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Christmas List

I’ve never been very materialistic.  And I don’t think I’ve made a Christmas list since I was a very small child.  Even then, I usually just asked for a horse.  The wonderful years that I did have horses, most everything I asked for was for them: new blankets (in Breakaway Farm colors – blue and gold), hoof polish, horse treats, ect… Well I’ve made a Christmas list this year, more so out of necessity than anything else.  If there wasn’t a holiday of gift giving coming up I would have to inevitably buy some of these items, and maybe I still will if Santa can’t.  Well this year I’ve got a new sport that’s taken over a lot of my life (it’s been around for a few years, but I’ve only gotten serious about it this past year).  That’s right, you guessed it: running.  Well, as I’ve learned so well, new sports means new gear.  And changing weather means wearing appropriate clothing.  So here it is, my 2009 Christmas list.  Hope I was good:

Garmin Forerunner 205

– I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile.  I currently use a Nike +, but its innacuracy is driving me crazy.  I’ve decided that if I want to put my body through the rigourous training of a marathon, then (if possible) I would like to do it the right way.  The Garmin will (theoretically) help me with this. 

Sugoi hoodie
, complete with a ponytail hole! I may not live in New England anymore, but as evidence of the snow this weekend, it does get cold here in DC.


3. I’d really rather not use this next item, but I’m going to have to learn to love it, because for someone like me (who becomes dehydrated VERY easily) a water belt is necessary.


So I think I’ve been pretty reasonable so far, right? There’s only one more item on my list, and like the first three, I’ve done my research.  I’ve even made it easy on everyone: this gift is located right here in Maryland and is relatively cheap (key word, relatively):

Meet Stan, a 10 yr. old Irish Gelding. He’s 16.2 hands, a great hunter/jumper and, well, isn’t he beautiful? I found him on my new favorite website


Breed Irish Draught
Name: Princestana
Age: 1999
Height: 16.2
Gender: Gelding
Price: $35,000  
Location: MD, USA

Happy Holidays!

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