Video: MCM ’09 post-race Interview With Me, Chapped Lips and All

So I’m not completely sure why I’m sharing this, because it’s going to cause me more embarassment than anything else, but I’m proud of my boy and I’m grateful for him coming to all my races and supporting me.  Even though we have moved on from the field, there’s still a journalist in both of us – me with this blog, Pete with his camera.

For the record, I had no idea the camera was rolling.  As I’ve mentioned before, seconds after crossing a finish line I enter a complete runners daze.  I barely remember anything.  I finally caught up with Pete after wandering around the finish area and he turned the camera on the second he saw me.  I guess I’m lucky he didn’t use all of what he had of me in this package.  Enjoy

If you want to see more of Pete’s news clips check out his blog: It’s a work in progress, but there’s some great footage including Sen. Kennedy moments after he endorsed Obama for the presidency. We climbed on the rooftop of the garage at AU and out onto a ledge but it was well worth it as the raw footage will show.



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2 responses to “Video: MCM ’09 post-race Interview With Me, Chapped Lips and All

  1. olivia

    very nicely done, pete!! and nice dazed interview, aurora!!

  2. That is so cool! I love it. I enjoyed looking at his blog too and checking out his work. I really have to start making more movies. Have a safe trip home for Thanksgiving and have a great holiday! See you when you get back!

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