What a little tape can do….

So I’ve got a little product endorsement here: When my stress fractures hit me this summer I began to go to a physical therapist.  At the end of my first session he asked me if I’d ever used Kinesio tape.  No, but I saw it at the Olympics.  I’m really skeptical about all this stuff by the way.  I’m really not an easy sell – on anything, not just sports products.  But I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.  I honestly can’t say what it is, or how it works, but whatever it does it works. 


I got myself taped up at the expo for the Marine Corps Marathon (in the last hour the expo was open).  It was well worth the 45 min wait in line (which goes really quickly when you make friends).  I was taped up better than my PT ever taped me up, and I seriously credit this weird tape with helping me run pain-free that Sunday.  My only complaint is this: By mile 5 the tape was seriously falling off my legs, and I almost worried about tripping on it if it did.  Before the expo I stupidly put body lotion on my legs, but I was sure that all the alcohol I rubbed on my shins while standing in line took that off.  The tape is supposed to be waterproof (I’ve even swam in it before), so I don’t know what happened here.  Either way, I wish I trusted myself enough to learn how to tape my own legs.  But I think my sandwich theory applies here: Just like a sandwich is always better when someone makes it for you, it’s better to have someone else tape your shins.

Did I mention the KT Tape booth will be at my marathon in Pittsburgh on May 2nd?  🙂






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3 responses to “What a little tape can do….

  1. I’m sorry I did not work at getting the lotion off you better. Glad the tape helped! I’m sure that it was just the lotion. Taping is easy. I used the same technique on you that is on our website video. You can learn to tape yourself. Thanks for the mention. See you in Pittsburgh!

  2. caitlin

    hey rory,
    I came across your blog while doing some research on stress fractures and tape. I have KT tape and i’ve taped my legs for a tibia stress fracture and I still have pain. I am born and raised in pittsburgh and know how the hills can kill a runners shins, any advice?

    • well i know pittsburgh so i know how killer those hills can be. i’m constantly battling shin issues but the best combo i’ve come up with is lots of ice, compression and I’ve just begun using inserts in my shoes and that has actually made quite the difference. Good luck with your running!

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