26.2 Miles…What Could Possibly Go Wrong

I’m really not an impulse shopper.  In fact I’m not much of a shopper at all.  I hate the process of shopping, and I feel guilty spending money unless I absolutely need something.  When I set out to the expo last weekend I had two goals: pick up bib and get taped up. But…I came across a really cute booth called One More Mile, looked at probably every single item they had, and finally bought something for myself (it’s something I need for my winter runs, so I reasoned that it was acceptable purchase)runningcheaperpunishmentovalchaseovalREDO

Well I love it so much that I’ve been kicking myself for not getting something for my best friend who is also a runner, and a really good one too.  So out of caution that she might read this I won’t disclose what I just bought her, but if you’re a runner, or you know a runner, Christmas is coming up and this place has some really cute gifts.



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