Pittsburgh Half Marathon

marathon2So shame on me for never finishing this…but this was supposed to be my Race Report from the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May 2009.  I’m currently training for the full that will be on May 2, 2010.  Since I didn’t finish writing this I’ll go ahead and give away the ending: I ran in 2:08:00  It was awesome.  So here goes:

RR – Alarm went off at 5:28am.  We were out the door at 5:50, arrived a little after 6.  Ate half a bowel of Cheerios at the house, plus two breakfast bars in the car.  Also had a Tangerine 2x caffeine PowerGel.  Got dropped at the convention center and stood in line for what seemed like forever for the Portopotty.  I didn’t even have to go but I didn’t want to miss my chance.  I think it was the right decision after I saw the lines by the starting line.  It was chilly and overcast and I didn’t want my legs to freeze up on me so I took a walk around.  Lots of tents.  Even more people.  Eventually I made my way to bag check, but not before I drank some water, pinned by bib, and warmed my body up with my fleece.  Up until that point I had been taking everything in like a tourist.  But once my bag was gone it was time to focus.  I found a hollowed out doorway to an office


Post-race meal: Eat 'N Park

building, pulled up a flimsy police baracade and began my routine of stretches.  Of course I completely forgot that I would be stretching on concrete and was unable to work out my hip flexor, but I made do.  My next goal was to find my pace team.  With all my recent injuries I decided I would be happy to break 2:30:00.  But the night before at the expo I dared to dream and signed up with a 2:20 pace team.  Amazingly, without my glasses, I was able to spot my pace leader about 20 yards away.  And directly in my line of vision was P.  He stayed with me for a few minutes as I got situated with my team and then left to find his spot at the starting gate.  The next 20 minutes are so are a total blur.  I was in full on focus mode and trying to memorize what my team members looked like.  Then I heard the gun.  Got my armband Nike+ ready and waited for my turn.

The first mile started off really slow.  There were so many people it was hard to move around and everyone bumped into each other.  But I welcomed the slow pace.  That would all change by mile 3.



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  1. Nice Blog Post! Glad the tape worked out for you. You were at the end of the line when I was having people do their own wiping. I should have paid closer attention. If I know that people recently lotion themselves, I will literally pour a cup of rubbing alcohol on them and scrub like crazy. I promise that you can do this for yourself. Just follow the website instructions. It is really not hard. My 16 year old Daughter tapes herself for shinsplints all the time. She will be running in regional HS cross country competition this Saturday. See you in Pittsburgh!

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